Values First

Let's collaborate to build thriving and resilient community with a foundation of ecological harmony. I have a passionate desire to see local organizations of all flavors, especially food and farm-centered, succeed. I advocate for social equanimity, service to community, and stewardship of the natural world that feeds us all.


Food is paramount - at the center of everything

My mother named me Mouse the day I was born. I was raised in the forested foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Skagit Valley, Washington and have lived many places in the Pacific Northwest as well as Oaxaca in Southern Mexico and high in the snow-covered Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I began my professional career as a chef and now have more than a decade of experience working with food in different contexts; as a farmer, farm-to-market business owner, farmers market vendor for multiple businesses, and farmers market manager. When I managed the Mount Vernon Farmers Market from 2013-2015 I established the Skagit Valley Farmers Market Coalition with other regional market managers to initiate an EBT incentive program called “Double-Up Bucks” to serve our under-privileged population with access to farm-fresh food. As a chef the recipes and menus that I develop are based on nutrition. Food is medicine.

The impetus for pursuing education in art and design was spurred by my experiences with the farmers market. I continually observed the failed attempts of vendors and important organizations to visually communicate their offerings to the world. I will graduate in the Spring of 2019 with my BA in Studio Art and Graphic Design and a minor in Arts Enterprise/Cultural Innovation (which is a fancy title to describe values-driven, creative leadership and business management) from Western Washington University.

All that being said, I want to work with you even if you're not in the business of food! My art and design practices complement and enrich each other. I often work by hand in my design practice, digitally in my art practice, and vice versa. I strive to find solutions for the visual communication problems that my clients present with, and to integrate art into the everyday experience.